Monday, 12 March 2012

Promo Video Shoot

On Thursday the marketing team shot the promo video so i went along to get some backstage pictures and to see how it was all coming together. We were all excited about the video shoot as one of our favourite lectures was going to be the star of the video.

The models arrived and the styling team sorted out their hair and make-up, the models were wearing clothes that will be seen on the catwalk in the main fashion show.

The music for the shoot was 'sexy and i know it' by LMFAO and the inspiration for the dancing and general layout for the shoot came from this advert...

Once the girls had a feel for the dancing and the music their parts were shot. Everyone in the room was trying to keep a straight face as it was hilarious to watch but we got there in the end and it had worked great.

The models had shot their solo parts so now we just needed our mystery man on set. Our mystery man was being played by Grant Timms. He turned up not really know what he would be expected to do but he took it all in his stride and really seemed to enjoy the whole thing.

The finished video will be up soon and make sure you look out for it around uni as well! Thank you for everyone that was involved and helped make the video!

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